A Toxic and Diseased America

A Toxic and Diseased America with Some Solutions

There is a major healthcare crisis that is weeping across our nation with little media attention devoted to it. This healthcare crisis involves Monsanto’s Roundup and its toxic ingredient glyphosate. Have you noticed an increase in the number and type of diseases that have been occurring during the past 20 years?

Although many companies that manufacture or apply Roundup agriculturally claim that it’s safe to use there are a great number independent scientists, studies and 15 countries that show otherwise. We found that there have been other problems with previous similar products that were banned. Monsanto created agent orange or 2,4-d, DDT and PCBs all which were known to cause cancer and were banned.

What you will discover within this webpage:

  • Glyphosate is toxic and causes or is linked to the increase of many diseases
  • Glyphosate is highly pervasive – it’s just about everywhere – in our air, water and food
  • Glyphosate bio-accumulates in our bodies– even if it’s a very small amount in our food or water it slowly accumulates in our blood, organs, brain and other tissues
  • You need to keep from ingesting more glyphosate – keep it out of your body
  • Test to see if it is in your body – a simple urine test – we list labs that do this
  • Test your drinking water – we list labs for this testing
  • Ways to detoxify and remove glyphosate which is most likely in your body already
  • Join Mom’s Across America to work on this effort (watch this video).

We have provided many embedded links in this document which we’ve found in our research to let you know about the dangers of Roundup and glyphosate. Our organization does not want an herbicide in our food or water yet with testing of air, food and water samples researchers have found that 75% of them contain glyphosate. In a recent United States Geological (USGS) survey glyphosate was found in 90% of the streams tested. So, in essence we as a nation are not given a choice to eat food or drink water that does not contain glyphosate. Because of the excessive application of Roundup in agricultural spraying, Roundup and glyphosate have become so pervasive that it’s extremely difficult to avoid. As an example, here’s the USGS testing of waterways California link. You can see that glyphosate is in nearly every stream, river and lake. To obtain surface water testing data for glyphosate in your state contact the USGS by viewing this map and clicking on your state for the phone number and other contact information.

Since it’s in our air, water, food and it’s even in our parks and recreation areas where our children and grandchildren play how can we possibly avoid contamination from glyphosate? Perhaps the only viable solution is to ban this substance in each state and/or in the entire nation.

The following information contains many embedded links which show that Roundup or glyphosate causes or is linked to many diseases. Our organization has completed a great deal of research into Roundup and glyphosate and from this research it’s obvious to us that glyphosate is not safe to use and certainly not safe to consume.

We are a consumer advocate organization that has created a non-profit corporation, Public Awareness for Preventive Health Care (PAPHC), whose mission is to inform and educate the public about important healthcare issues.

Prior to our research into glyphosate we contacted the American Autoimmune and Related Diseases Association (AARDA) in April 2013. We found that a large number of studies indicated that many autoimmune diseases (AD) are caused by glyphosate or have a high correlation to the increased application of glyphosate on agricultural crops. In our discussions, we found that there was no significant work being done by public entities to address AD or make people aware that it is a major healthcare problem. Then, in August 2015 we again contacted the AARDA and found that the number of ADs grew from 80 to 159 in just two years! We asked if there are any states or regulatory agencies doing any work to address this. They stated that there weren’t any states taking a proactive role in controlling AD. There are a large number of studies which show a strong correlation between many of the autoimmune diseases and the application of Roundup/glyphosate on GMO field crops such as corn, soy, cotton and alfalfa.

AARDA has estimated that nearly 50 million Americans have one or more of these diseases. Most Americans are unaware of the threat from AD. Federal government agencies should take a proactive role in studying these diseases to determine the extent and severity of AD to the United States population. Based on many studies, it appears highly likely that the increase in cancer and autoimmune diseases is related to the increased use of Roundup in agricultural spraying in the United States and globally.

New Study:  Monsanto’s #1 Herbicide Directly Linked to Chronic Disease Spike

Because of many negative health and environmental problems caused by glyphosate many people and organizations believe that Roundup and glyphosate must be banned for use in agricultural spraying. Many countries have already banned the use of Roundup and GMO products.

There’s a direct relationship between Roundup and genetically modified organisms ( GMO).   Monsanto “engineered” a method to have GMO products such as corn, alfalfa and soy become immune to glyphosate. So, Roundup that contains glyphosate can be sprayed on these GMO crops and it does not harm them but kills all other weeds and plants (Roundup Ready). . This is fine for farmers since they get more yield from their crops but unfortunately the glyphosate is absorbed by the GMO plant which contains our food source. The problem with this food source is that it now contains glyphosate which is not just on the product but is inside the corn, alfalfa and other GMO products so it can’t be washed or cleaned to remove the toxic substance. You may not initially be concerned with alfalfa containing glyphosate but cattle eat alfalfa and people eat cattle. It is the same with corn but on a much larger scale.

Watch this video to learn more about the insidious ways that glyphosate works to cause damage to the health of humans.

What can I do to protect myself and/or my family from becoming contaminated with Roundup/glyphosate?

Two basic steps need to be considered: 1. Avoid further contamination by avoiding consumption of water and food that contain glyphosate. We are finding that more tests are being done on food to determine how much glyphosate is in them. The United States EPA as well as private organizations are testing fruits, vegetables and food items such as oat meal, cereals, bagels, wine, beer etc. Unfortunately, glyphosate is appearing in nearly all of the food items tested.

Regarding drinking water, it is much simpler in addressing this contamination problem than food that’s contaminated with glyphosate. There are water filters and filtration systems on the market that can remove or reduce pesticides and herbicides, including glyphosate from your drinking water. The more effective water filters are the “under the counter” models.

To avoid foods that contain glyphosate may be more difficult because of the GMO corn which contains glyphosate and can be made into corn syrup and you may already know how many food items contain corn syrup. Also, GMO corn is fed to cattle, hogs, turkeys, chickens and we eat them. So, if you want to avoid glyphosate you should eat organic as much as possible. For example, if you buy beef be sure it’s range fed. It may cost more but you can imagine that any glyphosate-related disease will cost you much more. So, in summary, organic vegetables, fruits, meats and fish will help in keeping glyphosate out of your body.

  1. Verify if you have glyphosate in your body with a simple urine test and if you test positive begin a process of detoxification. Since glyphosate is so pervasive it’s likely that we have it in our bodies. For example 48 members of the European Parliament volunteered to test their urine for glyphosate contamination and all of their urine samples contained glyphosate.


  • Test yourself and/or family members to verify if any of you have glyphosate in your bodies. You may need to see a naturopathic doctor or other integrative healthcare professional since mainstream medicine may not be familiar with detoxification procedures or ways of removing pesticides/herbicides from your bodies.
  • Find out if your drinking water contains glyphosate. Urge your local water district to test for pesticides, including herbicides if they aren’t already doing so. They may suggest that you contact your state regulatory agencies to initiate this process. If this is the case then you should contact your state legislators and let them know you are concerned with glyphosate in your drinking water.
  • Try to eat primarily organic foods and avoid GMO foods because of the close relationship of Roundup/glyphosate and GMOs.

To test your drinking water you can call and request a test kit from Microbe Inotech  at 800-688-9144.  They also do urine tests for glyphosate.  For more local urine testing in the Sacramento region you can call Human Reconstruction 916-241-9325. Their office may have the test kits in stock for testing your urine for glyphosate. Also, you can contact your local nauropathic doctor or integrative healthcare professional to order the kits for you. When you get the results back they are self-explanatory but if you need to have a more detailed explanation contact your local integrative healthcare professional at a national database of doctors: AANP. In California Find a Naturopathic Doctor.

There is also another organization called the Detox Project that tests water, food and yourself but is currently going through some transition to a larger lab until the summer of 2016.


You can find a great deal of information about detoxifying your body of pesticides and herbicides like glyphosate. Since all of our bodies are different you may need to try some of these foods known to help with detoxification and supplements to see which is most effective for you. If you need assistance find a naturopathic doctor or licensed integrative or functional healthcare professional to help you.

Because glyphosate is so pervasive it will be important to incorporate foods in your diet that help your body to detoxify. This may entail making lifestyle choices that you can and are willing to do on a daily basis for the long term. There are specific kinds of foods that help your body detoxify. Here’s a list of 20 detoxifying foods that you can incorporate into your diet and lifestyle. If you’re a Smoothies kind of person these are some delicious smoothies that you might enjoy drinking.

The following suggested detoxification protocols can be found on the Internet but it would be prudent to contact your integrative healthcare professional to guide you through the process of detoxification. If you find that you have very high levels of glyphosate or other pesticides in your body an integrative healthcare practitioner may suggest an intravenous therapy. Many studies will need to be done on what foods contain glyphosate and what foods or supplements can be shown to remove it from our bodies. However, for the majority of us following these recommendations for detoxification should help to reduce the negative effects of pesticides, herbicides and other toxins.

  • Sweating and exercising – saunas – drink lots of clean, filtered water – no contaminants

Researchers estimate that 20% to 25% of toxic chemical detoxification occurs through the skin by sweating.

  • Walking or jumping on a small trampoline suggested by Irvin Sahni
  • Your healthcare professional may recommend that you take a supplement to aid in the detoxification process.

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  • From a consumers’ perspective: We examined two types of healt care: current conventional treatment protocol which uses primarily steroidal medications to treat the symptoms of the autoimmune disease but most often does not treat the cause. With this new generation of diseases which often involves diseases which are caused by toxic substances, it is critical that the toxic substances be removed or neutralized. If the detoxification does not occur then, according to the AARDA, the patient often experiences a recurrence of the symptoms. Treating the cause of diseases during the past decade has been the practice of integrative and naturopathic healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, their healthcare services are not often covered by insurance so the patient is financially forced to seek the services of allopathic medical doctors who may not have been trained to successfully treat this new class of diseases.
  • We need many more doctors such as naturopathic doctors who will treat the cause of the autoimmune diseases and have knowledge in detoxification protocols.   We also need to have mainstream medicine adopt the medical approach which pursues treating the cause of the autoimmune disease rather than simply treating its symptoms.
  • Studies are needed that can help doctors categorize and give timely and accurate diagnoses of these diseases. A national autoimmune disease registry must be created. This would help with more accurate and timely diagnoses of autoimmune diseases.

We need contributions to support our cause in creating a toxin free America. We must do all we can to prevent toxins such as herbicides from getting into our food supply. There already are far too many food items that already contain glyphosate.

Here are a few of our goals for the next two years that will go a long way in preventing our food from becoming contaminated with glyphosate:

  • Testing of food items and drinking water
  • Work on petitions to obtain thousands of signatures to show government regulators that the public supports a toxin free America and glyphosate free food and water
  • Coordinate with government regulators to begin the studies needed to create a national autoimmune disease registry to begin the process of finding cures for and/or successfully treating autoimmune diseases
  • Staff to use social media marketing to inform the public about all of the above and current and new detoxification strategies to help our bodies remove glyphosate and other toxins

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